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Gemma Powder Coating Equipment

Ercon Finishing Systems work closely with Gema, the world leaders in Powder Coating application technology, and offer the complete range of Gema's latest products to make our plants some of the most efficient in the world.

Booths Manufacturers

Our powder coating plants can include the following Gema equipment and systems:-

  • Fast Colour change plastic booths
  • For a rapid colour change and minimum downtime
  • Opi-centre powder management system
  • Produces outstanding coating results and enables rapid colour changes.
Booths Manufacturers
  • ZA Reciprocators
  • To handle up to 32 automatic guns
  • Optiflex automatic guns and controllers
  • Whether using Standard or Metallic powders, the 100 kV high performance cascade ensures the optimum results at all times.
  • Opti II manual gun units
  • The most efficient For manual booths or manual touch in on automatic booths
Gemma Powder Coating Equipment
  • Powder recycling systems
  • Recovers powder from the cycle, and passes it through a sieve before being pumped back to the Opti-centre ready for re-use, can achieve around 98% powder usage efficiency.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Detects a flame in the booth and triggers an alarm with optional release of CO2 into the booth and after filter.

Gemma Powder Coating Equipment
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